New Potion Lables

$5.10 per sheet of 20
a great group craft for Halloween
Glass or plastic bottles, Angel Hair Pasta
Acrylic Paint ( brown, black, cream, red)
Gesso,Water ,Paint Brush 
(Wax Paper), Scissors
Instructions :
break pasta to estimated size of jar (smaller is better than larger)
Cut ends of pasta to make sharp points 
pour small amounts of brown and black paint in a strait line or connected puddle on disposable plate 
roll sharpened pasta in paint, remove and lay flat to dry (on Wax Paper or additional plate )
Optional: with small amount of red paint and brush touch flat end  of pasta, use white to dot tip of sharp end and various spots for a more bristly effect.
when dry place in jar and secure lid 
Place a small amount of acrylic gesso in palm
rub hands together, rub hands over jar, leave to dry 
Place a small amount of brown in hands , Rub Jar, clean hands 
Small amount of green  hands , rub jar , leave to dry
Apply Boars Hair Label
Optional: if available melt black or red wax and dip top of jar. (Caution wax can burn you  )

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