Warm Bodies !

Well my Zombie fans its here the
ZOMBIE LOVE STORY  of the year !!!!
Twilight Fans with a hidden zombie fetish will go wild 
and the good doctor is adding this one to the Movie Madness Collection. Yeah!
Bring on the Cheese !

PS : popcorn with nacho cheese is to die for


Greetings my Warm Bodies , and welcome 2013 . 
The Doctor K is so excited to begin the season of Zombie Love with some exciting new zombie movie fun and of course Zombie Love Songs ......

Zombie Love

Twilight is over and 2013 is the year of the ZOMBIE LOVE AFFAIR !
and Dr Kellogg is jumping in while the brains are still warm check out my zombie love....

Zombie Attack !

 Miami Zombie Attack ! I always new the world would end in zombies !!!!!
CNN Report          

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Dr. Kellogg was created while on vacation, yes while taking what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation( no rental car after paying, lost wallets and Id's , mix up with hotel rooms and being trapped on a tiny island with big hills in not so tropical weather ) we walked by a bright colorful shack hidden among fronds where my sister declared was my new hut (having no hotel room) and that I would become the islands witch doctor. doctor Kellogg, a title by which she addressed me for the whole of our horrible relaxing vacation. well the name stuck.